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2016 New Year’s Fire Department Ceremony

Happy New Year! The Zamami Times wishes all its readers the best for 2017. Zamami Village has kicked off the New Year with its annual Fire Department Ceremony.  At the beginning of each new year, fire departments across Japan roll out their equipment and provide residents with a demonstration of their fire fighting capabilities.  Zamami […]

“Kerama Blue”

“Kerama Blue” is an article chronicling the trip of guest author Jesse Whitehead.  Jesse runs a photo-blog with beautiful pictures and exciting commentary centered on a side of Okinawan life rarely seen by tourists.  Check out Jesse’s website RYUKYU CAM for more. May 10, 2015 KERAMA BLUE This year I booked my Golden Week tickets early […]

Traditional Village Event: Nagaribuni

Zamami has been getting ready for another season of activities at sea.  One part of the village-wide preparations was the Beach Opening Ceremony held at Ama Beach a couple of weeks ago.  On Tuesday, Zamami held another one of its traditional events: Nagaribuni. Unique to Zamami Island, Nagaribuni is a historical ritual of the village intended to […]

Beach Opening Ceremony Success!

This past Saturday April 11th, 2015, Zamami Village officially began its beach season for the year!  The Beach Opening Ceremony took place on Ama Beach during high tide.  Ama Beach’s beautiful turquoise waters that extend from the white coral sands to the uninhabited islands dotting the straight between Zamami and Aka provided a fitting backdrop for the […]

Fan Month: Party #1 review and party #2 plug

The first of five Saturday night parties as a part of the Zamami Fan Appreciation month was a lively success.  With over three hundred participants in attendance, Zamami Port was packed with fans and residents alike, lining the wooden picnic tables perched outside of the Tourist Information Center.  The festivities began as the sun set […]

Review: 2014 Sports Day Aka Island

The 35th Sports Day (2014) held in Zamami Village was a great success. The event took place on a hot, sunny, and clear October 25th at the elementary-middle school on Aka Island. For those who attended the entire event, it provided to be a long but entertaining day of festivities from 9:00 until 14:30. The event began […]