2016 New Year’s Fire Department Ceremony

Happy New Year!

The Zamami Times wishes all its readers the best for 2017.

Zamami Village has kicked off the New Year with its annual Fire Department Ceremony.  At the beginning of each new year, fire departments across Japan roll out their equipment and provide residents with a demonstration of their fire fighting capabilities.  Zamami Village too puts its fire fighters on display for villagers and thus for visitors too.


While many municipalities have a separate fire fighting organization, Zamami Village’s fire fighting capacity is provided by the employees of the municipal government itself.  Every year, the village office employees put on display the village’s firetruck and ambulance.  Following a few remarks from the Mayor and other officials, the newest public servants demonstrate use of the firetruck’s hose.


Held on both islands, kindergartners on Zamami and Aka marvel at the brigade’s uniforms, the large vehicles, and the powerful hose.  The Fire Department Ceremony also represents hopes for another year free from fires and accidents.  In this spirit, the Zamami Times too wishes readers, their families, and everyone else a safe, accident free 2017.




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