Although indoors, the festival will feature the usual set of performances.

At around 1:00 p.m., organizers of the Zamami Fan Appreciation Month made the decision to move the venue for this evening’s festival event from the port to the nearby Zamami Village Hall.  The party event typically takes place outdoors in Zamami’s port, but with heavy rain forecast for the evening, officials are in the process […]


After 18 years of dedicated service, the Ferry Zamami saw its final leg of service as Zamami Village’s main ship.  The current ferry will be replaced by a new vessel, the Ferry Zamami III, in November.  The Zamami Village Office had the Ferry Zamami built by Ehime Prefecture‘s Yamanaka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in August 1998.  The vessel […]

Eisa Performance

Every year, the Zamami Diving Association organizes the Zamami Fan Appreciation Month to show thanks to all those who have supported the village.  One major highlight of the event are the Saturday-night weekly parties in the port that feature musical and comedic performances by locals.  The weekly port-side parties will take place on November 5, 12, 19, […]

From the Japan Meteorological Agency's Tropical Cyclone Information page

The 22nd typhoon of the year, Haima, is forecast to travel toward the west in the ocean south of Okinawa Prefecture.  While Okinawa will most likely not enter the typhoon’s “storm warning area,” the typhoon’s effects on ocean currents and waves will be reflected by ferry cancellations among the prefecture’s many outer-island municipalities.  Those planning to […]


This year’s 16th typhoon, Malakas, is currently forecast to pass nearby Zamami Village and Okinawa Island.  According to the current forecast from the Japan Meteorological Agency, there is even a chance that Zamami Village will be subject to damaging winds (the red zone in the image below). Typhoon 16 currently looks like it will have […]

The 2015 Tourism EXPO Japan

Representatives from Zamami Village will take to the Greater Tokyo Area and set up booths at the following events: the Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival, the Montbell Friend Fair, and the Tourism EXPO Japan.  Details about each event are below. The Fourth Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival (Yokohama) Sponsored by FM Yokohama, the Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival features live performances by well-known […]

Bon-Odori, a form of dance typically of the Japanese summer "Bon" festival.

The Aka Festival will take place in the evening on Saturday September 3.  This small festival, put on entirely by the efforts of the Aka Island residents, offers those lucky to attend a chance to become part of the Aka community.  The event will be held in the park next to Aka Port and features a […]