Bon-Odori, a form of dance typically of the Japanese summer "Bon" festival.

The Aka Festival will take place in the evening on Saturday September 3.  This small festival, put on entirely by the efforts of the Aka Island residents, offers those lucky to attend a chance to become part of the Aka community.  The event will be held in the park next to Aka Port and features a […]

Windyty wind forecast for August 27.  Zamami Village is marked by the red circle.

The 2016 Zamami Festival has been rescheduled for September 10.  Typhoon 10, Lionrock, is heading toward Okinawa and will likely affect travel to and from Zamami as well as weather and sea conditions.  The Zamami Festival was rescheduled do to the effects forecast for the approaching typhoon.  Please stay safe and fully informed of the […]

Typhoon Pandemonium (Image from the Japan Meteorological Agency's Tropical Cyclone Information page)

Three separate typhoons have at present taken form in the waters off the coast of Japan.  While two of the three will not likely affect travel to and from Zamami Village, the third typhoon, Lionrock, will likely head toward Okinawa. Lionrock is currently forecast to take the following route toward Okinawa. Typhoons can substantially affect […]

8-13 2016 Zamami Festival

The 2016 Zamami Festival is right around the corner and scheduled to take place on August 27 from 18:00 to 21:30.  Perhaps the most anticipated village event of the year, one of the Zamami Festival’s greatest draws is its grand-finale firework show.  Visitors can enjoy the rare experience of a practically private firework show.  The lights are dimmed and […]

7-30 national park

On July 22, the Ministry of the Environment selected the Keramashoto National Park (including Zamami Village) as one of eight national parks it will showcase to the world.  Zamami Village comprises the western half of the Keramashoto National Park with Tokashiki Village comprising its eastern half.  The Keramashoto National Park is one of eight parks carefully chosen […]

Summer sunset in Zamami

Zamami Village has hit peak season and visitors from around the world arrive in numbers day after day.  The Zamami Times urges visitors to complete their reservations for everything from accommodations to ferries and even activities before coming to the village.  If you somehow make it on board the Ferry Zamami without a reservation, you will likely be […]

7-6 I Love Cancel Typhoon Pic

As if we spoke to soon, the I Love Zamami music festival has been cancelled as of yesterday evening (July 5).  The culprit of such an unfortunate turn of events is the first typhoon of the year, Nepartak.  While the typhoon is not currently forecast to come directly toward Zamami Village, waves are forecast to […]


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