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Graduation 2017

The elementary and middle school here on Zamami Island held its graduation ceremony last weekend.  Ten students from the middle school finished their compulsory education this March.  Students will matriculate to high schools on the Okinawan mainland. Like many outer-island municipalities, there is no high school in Zamami Village.  As such, any of the village’s […]

2017 Commemorative Beach Clean

The third annual beach cleaning event to commemorate the Kerama Islands’ designation as a national park took place on March 5.  Three years earlier, on 2014 March 5, Zamami Village along with neighboring Tokashiki Village were together designated as the Kerama Shoto National Park.  Every year since, the villages have conducted a commemorative “Beach Clean” on the same […]

Cherry Blossoms Bloom & Kerama Deer in Aka

The cherry blossoms, or “sakura,” have reached full bloom here in Zamami Village.  With the first buds unfolding around February 18, the village’s mountain roads are now lined with sakura in their most well-known form.  Visitors are greeted by tropical hibiscus flowers and red Kerama Azaleas in addition to the cheery blossoms. One of Japan’s most […]

Team Japan Sailing Wins Silver Following Training in Zamami

Following training in Zamami Village’s waters from the end of December until the beginning of January, three teams from the Japanese National Sailing Team placed in the top ten of their respective competitions at the Sailing World Cup | Miami 2017.  Worthy of particular mention was the Men’s 470 pair that took second place. Zamami Village is […]

2017 Whale Watching Season in Full Swing

The 2017 Whale Watching Season in Zamami Village is fully underway!  There are currently approximately twenty whales in the waters around Zamami Village.  The Zamami Village Whale Watching Association takes participants out to sea around the village to encounter these majestic creatures.  With staff stationed throughout the islands’ observation decks, the Whale Watching Association offers […]

Lunisolar Calendar New Year

The Lunisolar Calendar New Year, otherwise known as Chinese New Year, will take place toward the end of the month.  The lunisolar calendar was developed and used around the world in multiple locations since antiquity.  Lunar calendars are based on the cycling of the moon’s phases.  The various lunisolar systems go one step beyond the lunar […]

Whale Watching Info & December News

The 2017 Whale Watching Season is set to begin on December 27, 2016.  Visited by humpback whales every year, the waters surrounding Zamami Village serve as a venue for humpbacks to breed, give birth to, and raise their young.  Whales provide watching participants with exciting performances as they enjoy Zamami’s calm waters themselves.  The Whale […]