The Zamami Times.

While there is a reasonable amount of general and overview information about Zamami Village, there has until now been a lack of up-to-date news about local happenings and current and upcoming events.  Albeit a small village with a population of around nine-hundred residents, Zamami is a vibrant and lively community always with a story to be told.  The Zamami Times exists to tell those stories and to provide the ever-increasing number of international visitors with a reliable source of current information, events, and news.

Head over to Zamami Tourist Information, the official English guide to Zamami Village, for travel-specific information.

Contact us at the following email address or Japanese phone number (replace the ♪ mark with an @ mark):


Tel. 098-987-2277






  1. Nice to meet you the other night, and now enjoy you blog!


  2. Luke Martinez · · Reply

    The shouganai samurai would make an excellent foreign correspondent, covering all things stateside that simply cannot be helped!

    Liked by 1 person

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