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Standup Paddleboard Races in Zamami & Golden Week Reservations

Zamami Village’s first standup paddleboard (SUP) competition will be held on the fourth weekend in April from the 22-23.  The “Kerama Blue Cup in Zamami” is open to SUP fans of all levels from elite professional athletes to complete beginners.  A series of races will be held over the course of two days and will […]

2017 Whale Music Festival on Mar. 25

The 2017 Whale Music Festival will be held on March 25 (Sat.).  Unique among Zamami Village’s annual events, the Whale Music Festival features professional musicians and performers.  The seaside live event is one of the village’s most popular festivals, and we recommend that visitors book accommodations, ferry tickets, and activities as soon as possible. Zamami Village […]

Fan Appreciation Month November 2016

Every year, the Zamami Diving Association organizes the Zamami Fan Appreciation Month to show thanks to all those who have supported the village.  One major highlight of the event are the Saturday-night weekly parties in the port that feature musical and comedic performances by locals.  The weekly port-side parties will take place on November 5, 12, 19, […]

September Events Around Tokyo

Representatives from Zamami Village will take to the Greater Tokyo Area and set up booths at the following events: the Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival, the Montbell Friend Fair, and the Tourism EXPO Japan.  Details about each event are below. The Fourth Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival (Yokohama) Sponsored by FM Yokohama, the Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival features live performances by well-known […]

2016 Aka Summer Festival (Sept. 3)

The Aka Festival will take place in the evening on Saturday September 3.  This small festival, put on entirely by the efforts of the Aka Island residents, offers those lucky to attend a chance to become part of the Aka community.  The event will be held in the park next to Aka Port and features a […]

Zamami Festival Postponed (Sept. 10)

The 2016 Zamami Festival has been rescheduled for September 10.  Typhoon 10, Lionrock, is heading toward Okinawa and will likely affect travel to and from Zamami as well as weather and sea conditions.  The Zamami Festival was rescheduled do to the effects forecast for the approaching typhoon.  Please stay safe and fully informed of the […]

2016 Zamami Festival

The 2016 Zamami Festival is right around the corner and scheduled to take place on August 27 from 18:00 to 21:30.  Perhaps the most anticipated village event of the year, one of the Zamami Festival’s greatest draws is its grand-finale firework show.  Visitors can enjoy the rare experience of a practically private firework show.  The lights are dimmed and […]