The 2017 Whale Music Festival will be held on March 25 (Sat.).  Unique among Zamami Village’s annual events, the Whale Music Festival features professional musicians and performers.  The seaside live event is one of the village’s most popular festivals, and we recommend that visitors book accommodations, ferry tickets, and activities as soon as possible. Zamami Village […]

The Lunisolar Calendar New Year, otherwise known as Chinese New Year, will take place toward the end of the month.  The lunisolar calendar was developed and used around the world in multiple locations since antiquity.  Lunar calendars are based on the cycling of the moon’s phases.  The various lunisolar systems go one step beyond the lunar […]

Happy New Year! The Zamami Times wishes all its readers the best for 2017. Zamami Village has kicked off the New Year with its annual Fire Department Ceremony.  At the beginning of each new year, fire departments across Japan roll out their equipment and provide residents with a demonstration of their fire fighting capabilities.  Zamami […]

The 2017 Whale Watching Season is set to begin on December 27, 2016.  Visited by humpback whales every year, the waters surrounding Zamami Village serve as a venue for humpbacks to breed, give birth to, and raise their young.  Whales provide watching participants with exciting performances as they enjoy Zamami’s calm waters themselves.  The Whale […]

At around 1:00 p.m., organizers of the Zamami Fan Appreciation Month made the decision to move the venue for this evening’s festival event from the port to the nearby Zamami Village Hall.  The party event typically takes place outdoors in Zamami’s port, but with heavy rain forecast for the evening, officials are in the process […]

After 18 years of dedicated service, the Ferry Zamami saw its final leg of service as Zamami Village’s main ship.  The current ferry will be replaced by a new vessel, the Ferry Zamami III, in November.  The Zamami Village Office had the Ferry Zamami built by Ehime Prefecture‘s Yamanaka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in August 1998.  The vessel […]

Every year, the Zamami Diving Association organizes the Zamami Fan Appreciation Month to show thanks to all those who have supported the village.  One major highlight of the event are the Saturday-night weekly parties in the port that feature musical and comedic performances by locals.  The weekly port-side parties will take place on November 5, 12, 19, […]