Graduation 2017

The elementary and middle school here on Zamami Island held its graduation ceremony last weekend.  Ten students from the middle school finished their compulsory education this March.  Students will matriculate to high schools on the Okinawan mainland.

Like many outer-island municipalities, there is no high school in Zamami Village.  As such, any of the village’s youth who would like to continue their education must leave the island.  Also known as “The Fifteenth Spring,” March is an emotional month for students in Zamami and on other islands.  Some students are lucky to attend high schools with dormitories, while others must strike out on their own living in an apartment on the main island.  A similar phenomenon occurs with high school students in Okinawa who continue their education at universities outside of the prefecture.

The graduation ceremony was an emotional event for the students themselves but also for their parents and guardians.  Seeing as the Zamami Island community is comprised of only around 600 people, everyone is a guardian and everyone gets a bit teary-eyed at hearing the news.

The Zamami Times too wishes the village’s youth the best in following their dreams!

As a final side note, Zamami Village will be seeing a new Coordinator for International Relations in the beginning of April.  Also serving as the Zamami Times’s author, the new coordinator will offer a fresh take on this little island village’s news and events.  The Zamami Times would like to thank readers for their continued support since its inception in 2014.  Again, thank you for everything, and we will see you with our next article in early April.


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