Team Japan Sailing Wins Silver Following Training in Zamami


A few boats from the Japan National Sailing Team train in rough winter waters.

Following training in Zamami Village’s waters from the end of December until the beginning of January, three teams from the Japanese National Sailing Team placed in the top ten of their respective competitions at the Sailing World Cup | Miami 2017.  Worthy of particular mention was the Men’s 470 pair that took second place.

Zamami Village is comprised of over twenty islands and enjoys a subtropical climate.  While most of Japan is too cold for the sailing of dinghies during the winter, top sailors love the comparatively warm waters and weather in Zamami.  Organizers particularly appreciate the ability to train without leaving the country.  In combination with the village’s island dotted waters, constant winds from the north allow for top-level practice conditions.  Coaches and athletes alike appreciate having both calm waters between the islands and high waves further out at sea.  Quality training continues on land as athletes run the islands’ hilly roads.

The recent achievements of the country’s top sailors is a testament to the quality of training conditions here in Zamami.  The National Team will in the coming days return to the village for a continuation of their camp.


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