2017 Whale Music Festival on Mar. 25


The 2017 Whale Music Festival will be held on March 25 (Sat.).  Unique among Zamami Village’s annual events, the Whale Music Festival features professional musicians and performers.  The seaside live event is one of the village’s most popular festivals, and we recommend that visitors book accommodations, ferry tickets, and activities as soon as possible.

Zamami Village is known nationally as a top-notch area for whale watching.  With the establishment of the Zamami Village Whale Watching Association in the early nineties, the village has been conducting whale-watching activities and research for over twenty years.  Every year, humpback whales make their way from the northern Pacific down to the warm waters around Zamami in order to breed and raise their young.  For around three months from the end of December until the beginning of April, the humpback whales provide spectators with lively performances, jumping out of the water and showing off their fins.

Even more enchanting than the whales’ movements are their songs.  Both as general communication as well as a form of love song from a male whale to a prospective female partner, Zamami’s humpback whales sing a symphony of songs often heard by lucky divers nearby.  As a way of expressing thanks to the whales and to provide them with a send off on their trip back north, Zamami Village holds the Whale Music Festival every year toward the end of the watching season.  The event also provides an opportunity for exchange between visitors and villagers.  The award ceremony for the whale watching season photo contest will also be included in this year’s program.

The 2017 Whale Music Festival will feature Diamantes, Johnny Ginowan & WALE WALE, jimama MC, Chinen Da Shin-Ichiro (comedian), and SHUN (from Aka Island).  Various local restaurants will be selling food and drink from stalls lining the venue.

Performances will begin at 17:30 and the event will come to a close at 21:20.  Attendance is free of charge.


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