Whale Watching Info & December News


The 2017 Whale Watching Season is set to begin on December 27, 2016.  Visited by humpback whales every year, the waters surrounding Zamami Village serve as a venue for humpbacks to breed, give birth to, and raise their young.  Whales provide watching participants with exciting performances as they enjoy Zamami’s calm waters themselves.  The Whale Watching Association conducts activities according to its own set of self-enforced rules in order ensure that humans do not interfere with the whales’ well-being.

Another distinct feature of Zamami Village whale watching is the nearly 100% chance of seeing a whale.  The Whale Watching Association stations staff around the village’s various observation decks and mountains.  The staff search for whales and guide the watching vessels to the whales by radio upon their sighting.  Such efforts ensure participants the highest possible chance of encountering a whale within minutes following departure.

The Whale Watching Festa Opening Ceremony held on December 18 marked the beginning of yet another season of whale watching in Zamami.  Officials from within the village and Okinawa Prefecture gathered at the cave cafe on the main Okinawa Island for speeches and such related festivities.  Remarks praised the Whale Watching Association’s recent accolades as an organization for sustainable tourism as well as the village’s position at the forefront of tourism in Okinawa.

The cave cafe provides a unique venue for events.

The cave cafe provides a unique venue for events.

The Zamami Village Whale Watching Association handles everything related to whale watching in the village.  Please get in touch with the Whale Watching Association for reservations and information.

One of the many panels put on exhibit at the cave cafe

One of the many panels put on exhibit at the cave cafe


In other news, the Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum recently brought a collection of its assets to Zamami Village as a part of its “Moving Museum” program.  Displays included a range of exhibits including dinosaur fossils, crystals, historical artifacts, various local wildlife preserved by taxidermy, and a host of educational activities.  Beginning with an opening ceremony on December 16 (Fri.), the exhibit was held over the course of three days and was primarily attended by local residents.




An official from the prefectural museum gives an commemorative speech.

An official from the prefectural museum gives a commemorative speech.


Lastly, the Japan-centered French-language travel website, Daijobu.net, recently shared a video of a few stunning aerial shots of Zamami Village and its seascape.


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  1. Hello, thank you very much for sharing our video 🙂
    We really love Okinawa and Zamami Jima 🙂


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