Fan Appreciation Month November 2016

Eisa Performance

Eisa Performance

Every year, the Zamami Diving Association organizes the Zamami Fan Appreciation Month to show thanks to all those who have supported the village.  One major highlight of the event are the Saturday-night weekly parties in the port that feature musical and comedic performances by locals.  The weekly port-side parties will take place on November 5, 12, 19, and 26.  Over the course of the entire month, visitors have the opportunity to partake in both a treasure hunt on land and at sea, as well as a photo contest.  While admission and participation in all of the events are free, food and drink will be for sale at the Saturday-night parties.


Despite having some of the most comfortable weather of the year, November tends to be relatively quiet in Zamami.  The Diving Association threw together the first Fan Appreciation Month event years ago in an effort to share the tropical autumn weather with similar faces as well as to show fans of Zamami Island thanks for continued patronage over the years.  Although the summer has parted ways with the rest of Japan, a trip to Zamami Village might provide a needed reminder of warm weather and an opportunity for some quality adventures in a serene and pristine natural environment.

Poster for this year's event

Poster for this year’s event

As always, the Zamami Times recommends booking your ferry tickets, accommodations, and any other activities before coming to the island.  Please visit the Zamami Tourist Information website for information on how to make reservations for your visit.


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  1. […] around 1:00 p.m., organizers of the Zamami Fan Appreciation Month made the decision to move the venue for this evening’s festival event from the port to the […]


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