September Events Around Tokyo

Representatives from Zamami Village will take to the Greater Tokyo Area and set up booths at the following events: the Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival, the Montbell Friend Fair, and the Tourism EXPO Japan.  Details about each event are below.

  1. The Fourth Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival (Yokohama)
    • Sponsored by FM Yokohama, the Okinawa Chanpuru Carnival features live performances by well-known Okinawan artists, an eisa-dance show, and a market of Okinawan-made products.  The event showcases the best of what Okinawa has to offer.  Zamami Village and Tokashiki Village will together represent the Kerama Islands.
    • Details
      • 9/17-19 (11:00-20:00)
      • Venue: City of Yokohama, Minato Mirai Area, Queen’s Square Yokohama, Queen’s Circle
  2. Montbell Club Friend Fair (Yokohama)
    • The fair is an event for Montbell Club members.  Many Zamami Village fans are also Montbell Club members, and Zamami Village will be at the event to spread the word about its land-based activities.  In recent years, Zamami Village has begun to offer nordic-walking tours.  Montbell Club members in the area are welcome to stop by and chat about Zamami’s activities both on land and at sea.  One of the village’s nordic-walking guides will also be in attendance to talk about the sport.
    • Details
      • 9/18-19 (9:00-17:00)
      • Venue: Pacifico Yokohama, exhibitions halls B and C
  3. JATA Tourism EXPO Japan (Tokyo)
    • Zamami Village will again be participating in the Tourism EXPO Japan this year.  The largest travel event in the world, countries from around the world as well as prefectures and destinations from throughout Japan gather to promote their respective travel offerings.  Visitors have the chance to enjoy Japanese and worldwide gourmet, take in performances, and even come away with a souvenir or two.  The overall experience takes those in attendance for a trip around the world.  Zamami Village’s own booth will be in the larger Okinawa Area.  The Tourism Association would love for any nearby Zamami Village fans to stop by for a chat.
    • Details
      • 9/24 (10:00-18:00), 9/25 (10:00-17:00)
      • Tickets for sale until 30 minutes before the end of the event for that day
        • Same Day Purchase: 1300 (Adult) and 700 (Child)
        • Pre-purchase: 1100 (Adult) and 600 (Child)
      • Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (international exhibition center)
The 2015 Tourism EXPO Japan

The 2015 Tourism EXPO Japan


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