2016 Aka Summer Festival (Sept. 3)

Bon-Odori, a form of dance typically of the Japanese summer "Bon" festival.

Bon-Odori–a form of dance central to the Japanese summer “Bon” festival

The Aka Festival will take place in the evening on Saturday September 3.  This small festival, put on entirely by the efforts of the Aka Island residents, offers those lucky to attend a chance to become part of the Aka community.  The event will be held in the park next to Aka Port and features a beautiful backdrop of Aka’s rocky coast, the large bridge, transparent waters, mountains, hamlet, and setting summer sun.


Two primary features of the Aka Festival are the Bon-Odori and the Yukata Contest.  Bon-odori is a traditional form of dance particular to the Japanese summer Bon Festival.  Spiritual dance and music continues throughout the evening and all in attendance are welcome to take part.  Another typical scene of a Japanese bon festival is that of the yukata–a type of casual summer kimono.  Those who participate in the Aka Festival wearing a yukata are automatically entered in the Yukata Contest for a chance to win a prize.

The Aka Festival provides the opportunity to experience a unique event and catch a glimpse of island life beyond the beaches and boats.




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