2016 Zamami Festival

8-13 2016 Zamami Festival

The 2016 Zamami Festival is right around the corner and scheduled to take place on August 27 from 18:00 to 21:30.  Perhaps the most anticipated village event of the year, one of the Zamami Festival’s greatest draws is its grand-finale firework show.  Visitors can enjoy the rare experience of a practically private firework show.  The lights are dimmed and the port is enveloped by a darkness rarely found in the city.  Such a stage provides the perfect venue for viewing fireworks.  The rockets shoot up into the air and burst over the port’s tranquil waters.  The result is a vibrant performance that illuminates the small hamlet’s surrounding mountains and is reflected in the placid harbor… in short, a unique experience not to be missed.

The 2016 Zamami Festival is aimed at offering a reprieve from day after day of tiring work in the summer heat.  The event provides an opportunity for exchange and the forging of lasting relationships between visitors and villagers.  Shining the spotlight on the Zamami’s rich nature, history, and culture will likely lead to a healthy and happy community for years to come.

Performers will demonstrate art and cultural forms from eisa to traditional Ryukyuan Dance.  Other groups include the local hula dance troupe and an Okinawan rock band.  The event venue will be lined with food stalls operated by the island’s restaurants.  Food tends to range from locally caught sashimi and shellfish to jerk chicken and french fries.  Naturally, libations are abound.

The Zamami Festival offers a wonderful opportunity for Zamami fans to strengthen the community of which they are already an integral part.  Fireworks are certainly an enjoyable draw too.


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