Keramashoto Selected by Ministry of Environment

7-30 national park

On July 22, the Ministry of the Environment selected the Keramashoto National Park (including Zamami Village) as one of eight national parks it will showcase to the world.  Zamami Village comprises the western half of the Keramashoto National Park with Tokashiki Village comprising its eastern half.  The Keramashoto National Park is one of eight parks carefully chosen among Japan’s 32 national parks.  The Keramashoto National Park is the country’s most recently designated national park with its inauguration having taken place on 5 March 2014.

The project is a part of the Japanese government’s larger initiatives to further develop the country as a tourism destination.  The Ministry of the Environment will pair with local authorities, citizens, businesses, and organizations to ensure the quality of each location meets international standards.  Specific efforts will include the facilitation spaces for experiencing each locale’s unique culture, promotion of grassroots nature preservation, and application of universal-design principles to ensure that visitors of any background can understand and enjoy the destination for years to come.

Unlike the national parks of many other countries, Japan’s national parks are defined by the co-existence of stunning nature and unique local communities within their boundaries.  Visitors to Zamami Village can find a culture at harmony with its surrounding nature.  Everything from traditional architecture to dance, clothing, and of course cuisine in Japan traces its roots to its environment, and nowhere else can these roots be so strongly felt than in the country’s national parks.  Zamami Village is one of those parks.


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