Make Your August Reservations ASAP

Summer sunset in Zamami

Summer sunset in Zamami

Zamami Village has hit peak season and visitors from around the world arrive in numbers day after day.  The Zamami Times urges visitors to complete their reservations for everything from accommodations to ferries and even activities before coming to the village.  If you somehow make it on board the Ferry Zamami without a reservation, you will likely be heading to the campground for the night as most hotels are fully booked in advance.

First, we recommend reserving your ferry tickets and accommodations.  The following webpage provides information about Zamami Village’s ferries and the methods by which you can reserve tickets.

The same website has a comprehensive list of accommodations in Zamami Village.  Information for each establishments includes a short description, general prices, and contact information.  Many hotels can also be found through various online booking websites.

While there are many activities that can be enjoyed without making reservations (e.g. snorkeling at the beach, visiting the observation decks, etc.), many of Zamami Village’s most well-known activities such as diving and sea kayaking require booking in advance of arrival.

With the upcoming Zamami Festival on August 27, we look forward to seeing many of you here in Zamami Village soon!


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