Happy Birthday! First typhoon of the year…

After weeks of beautiful weather, a successful sabani race all the way to Naha, and the completion of the 39th Annual Yacht Race from Ginowan to Zamami, the first typhoon of the year has formed in the Pacific and looks like it has a chance of affecting Zamami travel.

The Japan Meteorological Agency's forecast on July 5.  The circle marked as "Z" on the map is the location of Zamami Village.

The Japan Meteorological Agency’s forecast on July 5. The circle marked as “Z” on the map is the location of Zamami Village.

Typhoons are characterized by their strong winds.  These strong winds lend to high waves and rough sea conditions.  When the waves are too high, the ferries to and from Zamami Village stop running.  A typhoon does not have to be anywhere near Zamami Village for waves to become too high and for the ferries to be cancelled.

When the ferries seem like they might stop running, many people reserve ferry tickets to return to Naha before the ferries stop.  The result is a possibility that one might not be able to ride the ferry even if they have not yet stopped operating.  The coast guard strictly enforces limits on the number of passengers of vessels, and if the ferries are booked full, then one might not be able to return to Naha when they would like.

What to do?

First, read the following information about how to properly inform oneself before coming to Zamami Village.


Villagers and visitors have their fingers crossed that the typhoon will pass in time for the I Love Zamami reggae music and art festival this weekend.  Summer has arrived!  And aside from the occasional typhoon, the weather is hot, sunny, and perfect for the beach.


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  1. […] As if we spoke to soon, the I Love Zamami music festival has been cancelled as of yesterday evening (July 5).  The culprit of such an unfortunate turn of events is the first typhoon of the year, Nepartak.  While the typhoon is not currently forecast to come directly toward Zamami Village, waves are forecast to reach five meters tomorrow.  It is very unlikely that the Ferry Zamami, much less the high-speed Queen Zamami, will run.  High waves and rough sea conditions may last for a few days, so please inform yourself of the situation by reading through the following webpage: […]


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