Return of the Queen & A New Ferry to Come

***Information about Zamami’s new ferry further below!

The Queen is back!

The Queen is back!

After undergoing its routine month’s worth of maintenance, the high-speed Queen Zamami is back at sea jetting passengers to Zamami Village in under one hour’s time.  The Queen Zamami receives regular checkups to ensure her safe operation and a brilliant exterior.

queen profile

The most recent respite which lasted from 9 May until 9 June included a fresh paint job featuring Kumamoto Prefecture‘s official mascot Kumamon.  Kumamoto and the other prefectures on Kyushu Island were subject to a series of damaging earthquakes, the largest on 16 April 2016.  Like many other companies, individuals, and local political entities throughout Japan, the Zamami Village Office has decided to include Kumamon in the Queen’s new paint job as a means to extend moral support to all those affected by the earthquake.

Kumamon Closeup

Kumamon Closeup

Zamami Village is a part of the Keramashoto National Park

Zamami Village is a part of the Keramashoto National Park.



Ferry Zamami III

Ferry Zamami III

Zamami Village is building a new, large cargo ferry to be named Ferry Zamami III.  The current Ferry Zamami has reached its limit in passenger capacity with the recent increase in visitors to the village.  In response to growing demand from tourists and locals alike, the Zamami Village acquired and approved the necessary budget to commission a brand new ferry.  Naming of the new vessel skipped the even-number two in a dogmatic tradition guided by the logic that a vessel named with an even number would easily be divided like the number into two pieces–a very tragic fate for a boat at sea.  Officials decided against tempting fate and chose the odd-number name from numerous submissions.  The ferry’s construction is well underway and should be on time for the July launching ceremony.  Ferry Zamami III is scheduled to begin service in November of this year.

The Very Beginnings

ferry construction

ferry low front

ferry front side


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