Zamami Cup 2016

Boats from both the village and the Okinawan mainland will take to open waters tomorrow in participation of the Zamami’s 2016 big-game fishing competition, the Zamami Cup.  Competing teams will spend a majority of the day at sea battling some of the largest sporting fish found around these sub-tropical islands.  Zamami Village is of yet little known as a fishing destination, but the village’s local fishermen pull up big game throughout the year, subsequently enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.  Sashimi tastes no more divine than when it was caught a few hours earlier and no more than a few kilometers away.

Tomorrow’s teams are on the hunt for the biggest fish they can find.  Species acceptable for weighing include marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, Japanese Spanish mackerel, and skipjack tuna.  While Zamami visitors will not likely be able to see the fishing action from shore, everyone will have the chance to see largest of the day’s catch during the weighing process beginning at 16:00 on the west side of Zamami Port.

Whether or not you can find a way to tomorrows event, you can always find fresh sashimi and a stiff glass of awamori here in Zamami Village.

The 2015 second place winner hauled in a 99 kg. (218 lbs.) marlin.

The 2015 second place winner hauled in a 99 kg. (218 lbs.) marlin.

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