Golden Week Starts with Great Weather

After a brief hiatus, Zamami Times is back!  And, we’re just in time for Golden Week.

While the days leading up to Japan’s set of consecutive national holidays, otherwise known as “Golden Week,” were sultry to say the least, this springtime Japanese vacation season has kicked off with arguably the best weather of the year.  The rest of this weekend is forecast for dry sunny days around 26-27 degrees (upper 70s Fahrenheit).

Although Golden Week is usually busy in Zamami, there are still a few ferries and accommodations with availability.  Even a day trip would be nice for those currently on Okinawa Island looking for a way to experience the best beaches the prefecture has to offer.  Please do check Zamami Tourist Information for hotel and ferry advice and make sure to complete your reservations before setting sail.

Your chariot awaits.

Your chariot awaits.


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