Beach Opening Ceremony 2016 (Apr. 16)

The official event marking the beginning of the 2016 beach season in Zamami will take place on Saturday, April 16 starting at 10:00.  Every year, villagers and visitors descend upon Zamami Island’s Ama Beach for a day filled with island festivities.  The children are the stars of the show and take the white-sand stage to perform eisa drumming and other dances.  They also have, of course, the honor of the first swim of the season.  With formalities out of the way, everyone in attendance is provided with Zamami-caught fried fish and an onigiri to wash it down.

The most exciting spectacle of the day is a barehanded fish-catching competition set up for the local kids to catch their family’s dinner for the night.  The little participants are divided up into a few age groups and placed into a fish-filled pool dug into the sand.  The crowd cheers the tikes on as they each employ their best strategies for catching the most dinner.

For a taste of real island life with the locals, head over to Ama Beach for the Beach Opening Ceremony.

The elementary-school students perform Okinawa's traditional eisa drumming.

The elementary-school students perform Okinawa’s traditional eisa drumming.

The Spectacle

The Spectacle

Free lunch!

Free lunch!


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