Spring Flowers Blooming

cherry 2

The first hints of spring can be found in the colorful flowers blooming throughout the village.  In particular, Zamami’s cherry blossoms (sakura) are among the first to signal the coming of warmer weather to all of Japan.  Zamami, like the rest of Okinawa, has a special type of sakura called hikan-zakura.  These Okinawan-specific cherry trees are often a slightly deeper pink than the standard sakura found throughout the rest of the country.

cherry 1

cherry 3

Another flower unique to Zamami and Okinawa is that of the Ryukyu bara-ichigo, roughly translated as the Ryukyu rose strawberry.  A type of mountain berry, the Ryukyu bara-ichigo sports a white flower before the full ripening of its fruit.  Locals often use the fruit of the Ryukyu bara-ichigo to make jams and preserves.


Zamami has a host of other flowers in bloom around the islands–spring is soon to arrive!







  1. Do the people of Zamami celebrate hana-mi? When would that be?


    1. People in Zamami, and Okinawa in general, don’t celebrate Hana-mi quite like the rest of Japan. The rest of the country puts down sheets and has a party under the trees, right? Okinawa tends to be more of a walking along under the blossoms type of thing. Much less formal.


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