Beach Clean & Party (Mar. 5)

Photo from Beach Clean 2015

Photo from Beach Clean 2015

To commemorate the two full years since the Kerama Islands’ designation as the 31st national park in Japan, Zamami and Tokashiki villages are holding a beach-cleaning and party event in early March.

The Kerama Islands and their surrounding waters were designated as a Japanese National Park on March 5 (Coral Day) 2014.  Upon receiving national recognition, Zamami and Tokashiki established “Team Kerama,” headed by high-profile fans of the islands.  These well-known supporters spread the word of the islands’ unparalleled beauty and every year lend a hand in cleaning those very beaches they so love.  All Zamami and Tokashiki fans are part of Team Kerama and are invited to help the Kerama Islands remain the unspoiled, natural getaway that they are.

This year’s rendition of the annual event sports the “One Kerama” theme.  Cleaning activities will be carried out on each of the chain’s inhabited islands including Zamami (Furuzamami Beach), Aka (Nishibama Beach), Geruma (Meinu-hama), and Tokashiki.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate including visitors, locals, and well-known island supporters.  Participants are requested to gather at their respective beach by 13:00 to undertake their cleaning activities, pose for a commemorative photo, and try making their own sea-shell picture frame.

Everyone is welcome to attend the evening party in the Zamami Community Hall starting at 18:00.  The evening beach-clean party is unique in that it will heavily feature Okinawan performers of traditional Ryukyuan dancing, jazz, and rock.  The local hula team, Pililani, will make their own appearance as well.  The venue will be lined with food and drink stalls from local restaurants, and those in attendance can rest assured that there will be plenty to go around.  There will be a free ferry from and back to Aka Island scheduled to depart for Zamami at 17:30 and return at 21:15.

Whether you are a longtime fan, or someone who hasn’t yet made the trip, the Beach Clean & Party event will give you a big dose of all that makes Zamami the special place that it is.  We’ll be waiting!


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