2016 Whale Music Festival: Saturday March 26

The 2016 Whale Music Festival will be held on Saturday March 26.  Every March, toward the end of the whale-watching season, Zamami Village holds a music festival to bid the whales farewell.  While locals themselves primarily take the stage at a majority of Zamami’s yearly events, the Whale Music Festival is unique in that it features professional musicians from Okinawa and the Japanese mainland.  A few of this year’s artists include singer and sanshin-player Chihiro Kamiya, Ginowan Johnny with musical accompaniment by duo Wale Wale, the group Kiiyama Shoten hailing from Ishigaki, and guitarist SHUN.

The event will also hold a performance by a taiko drum group from Aka and Geruma islands, the award ceremony for a photo contest, and more.  The party will kickoff at 17:30 at the Zamami Port Terminal.  Restaurants from Zamami will have stalls at the event providing food and drinks.  Book your accommodations and ferry tickets for this top-notch Zamami event!

This year's poster for the event.

This year’s poster for the event.


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