Endless Summer Sunsets

These days summer certainly seems endless in Zamami.  Following a short spell of cool days toward the beginning of November, the southern winds and radiant sun have brought summer back with them from their brief reprieve.  Lately, the daily high temperature has settled around 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit), and the water is a very manageable 25 Celsius (75 Fahrenheit).  If Zamami had consistent and large waves, Mike Hynson and Robert August surely would have stopped in for a surf on their world-wide quest for an illusive and endless summer.  But then again, Zamami’s not about big surf.  The flat, calm, turquoise waters here facilitate some of the world’s best diving as well as top-quality snorkeling, sea kayaking, standup paddleboarding, sailing, and more.

Like the image portrayed in the film’s iconic poster, Zamami’s own seemingly never-ending tropical weather has left us with incredible sunset after incredible sunset.


The journey to Zamami was nothing short of an adventure.  You boarded the high-speed ferry, the first in your life, and skimmed across the deep blue straights off the coast of Okinawa Island.  Upon disembarking your aquatic chariot, you were greeted by the smiling faces and waves of locals.

You take a plunge–diving into the emerald waters at the cusp of the island’s white-sand shores.  Suddenly you find yourself in another world–the real-life version of the Chura-Umi Aquarium you visited yesterday.  Your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, lungs… everything is spent after a day of underwater exploration.  Both mission and shower complete, you take an almost dream-like walk on cloud nine along the oceanside road.  All that’s between you and the water is a five-foot drop.  You round the bend, slightly dehydrated and burnt from the days activities.  A breeze kicks up and you behold this:

You have a moment.

You have a moment.

Or so do those who follow the path less travelled to a unique, and quite surreal, day in the land of the almost never-ending summer.  Zamami’s waiting.







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