2015 Typhoon 26 (In-Fa)

Just when you thought typhoon season was over, the tropical cyclone makes it’s return.  There is currently a typhoon in the Eastern Pacific that could potentially affect travel plans to and from Zamami Village as well as Okinawa in general.

For information about typhoons as well as their effects on travel related to Zamami, please visit the Zamami Tourist Information page about Typhoons.

When typhoons are nearby, the waves get high.  When the waves get too high the ferries stop.  When the ferries seem like they might stop, there is usually a rush for people to return to Naha before they stop.  The ferries become full.  The result is that visitors might not be able to return to Naha even if the ferries have not stopped running yet.

Check sources such as the Japan Meteorological Agency’s page on typhoons.  Confirm your airline’s policies on changing reservations, cancellations, and suspension of public transportation (e.g. ferries).

Do all of the above before coming to Zamami Village.

The November 25 wind forecast on Windyty retrieved on November 21.

The November 25 wind forecast on Windyty retrieved on November 21.


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