First Female Village Deputy Mayor

Mayor Satoru Miyazato with Deputy Mayor Mayumi Miyahira

Mayor Satoru Miyazato with Deputy Mayor Mayumi Miyahira

On October 1, 2015, Zamami Village inducted Ms. Mayumi Miyahira as Deputy Mayor.  Ms. Miyahira is the first female deputy mayor to be appointed to office on the village level in Okinawa Prefecture.  The village council made a unanimous decision to appoint Mayumi Miyahira as village deputy mayor during their regular council meeting on September 17, 2015.  Along with expressing her resolve to support the village that has presented her with many opportunities, Ms. Miyahira also stated that she, “will endeavor to build a village in which women will find it easy to lead their lives in comfort.”

About Mayumi Miyahira:

Ms. Miyahira was born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture.  Before eventually moving to Zamami Village, she gathered career experience in jobs spanning multiple sectors.  After settling down in Okinawa, Ms. Miyahira began her career at the Zamami Village Office in 1983.  She rose through various positions at the village office, eventually taking on leadership roles such as Head of the Residential Department and Director of the Office of General Affairs.

In April, 2015, Mayumi Miyahira was promoted to the position of Director of Policy Coordination.  She sees her mission as far from complete and is eager to continue to build a better village in her new role as Deputy Mayor.


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  1. […] Zamami too celebrates the coming of age of its young adults.  Over the course of the past year, six young men and one young woman from the village took on the full responsibilities of adult life.  Following the ceremony, a large party was held for all in attendance, kicked off by a round of cheers from the deputy mayor. […]


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