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Despite appearing as if frozen in time, Zamami Village does undergo change little by little.  Evidence of such progress can be seen in the various construction projects currently underway throughout the village.  First and foremost, a small section of the Zamami Elementary-Middle School had been previously renovated, but a majority of the structure remained visibly out of date.  The current project will complete the classroom renovations.  Since construction began, a portion of the students have been attending class in prefabricated classrooms.

school 1

Down the road, the brand-new Zamami Village Office is coming together piece by piece.  The old office was literally falling apart and a hazard to those inside.  The much-needed space will provide Zamami Village public servants and the community a space for administrative and welfare business.  The building design is undeniably modern but reflects its Okinawan locale with its red-tile roof and the shisa.

yakuba 1

When the first steel beams were erected.


At all construction sites, workers have been doing their utmost to battle heat, sun, wind, rain, and the occasional typhoon to complete their charge on time.

Notice the fans built into the back of the jacket.

Notice the fans built into the back of the jacket.

Besides buildings, the village is long in the process of reconstructing the precarious cliff-side road from Zamami to the Asa Hamlet.  The project is near its completion after facing delays from typhoon after typhoon.

road 2

The original road, in all it's narrowness, can be seen on the left.

The original road, in all it’s narrowness, can be seen on the left.

Last but not least, the village is building a new observation deck and park in the Ama Hamlet.  In addition to public construction, owners of the Okinawa-soba shop Umibaru are rennovating their establishment to also include a new guesthouse.


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