2015 Fan Appreciation Month

November is “Fan Appreciation Month” in Zamami Village!

Live music from a previous year.

Live music from a previous year.

Despite having some of the most pleasant weather of the year, November often sees a relatively low number of visitors.  Ten years ago, the village appointed the entire month as an appreciation event for all the Zamami Village fans out there.

First, there will be weekly parties in the port every Saturday of the month.  Sunday (Nov. 1) marks the ten-year anniversary of Fan Appreciation Month and accordingly serves as the date of the 2015 kick-off event.  Islanders take the stage at each weekend event to show their gratitude to all Zamami visitors via a frenzy of entertaining performances.  Local restaurants and izakaya will be serving food and drink at booths lining the perimeter of the sea-side venue.

During the week, visitors can take part in a photo contest as well as scour land and sea for scavenger-hunt markers.  Venturers who happen across such tokens can take their pick from lottery tickets at the Tourist Information Center in the port.  The luckiest adventurers will draw prizes such as ferry tickets and souvenir-shop gift cards.

Each weekly party will begin in the early evening.  There is no admission fee.  Just arrive ready for fun.

Contact the Tourist Information Center at the following email address for questions in English. (Replace the ♪ mark with an @ mark)



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