I LOVE ZAMAMI–Music Festival (Oct. 3, 2015)


Following a successful event in 2014, Zamami’s young persons’ association, the Seinenkai, will hold its 2015 I LOVE ZAMAMI music festival on October 3, 2015.

The festival will feature professional musicians and artists from Okinawa and mainland Japan.  Performances will span a wide range of genres from reggae and hip hop to vocal music and taiko.  In addition to musical offerings, spectators have the opportunity to enjoy live painting and Okinawan comedy.

Artists in attendance will include MOOMIN, BIGGA RAIJI, live painting by shinPo mai, and many, many more.

I LOVE ZAMAMI is a multifaceted concept.  First, by brining such well-known performers to Zamami, organizers hope to show a new group of travellers the way to this wonderful island.  The festival will provide a chance for otherwise unlikely visitors to experience this national-park village and its beautiful nature.  Additionally, the decision to hold the event in October instead of June will bring more visitors to Zamami in an otherwise dull season.  Lastly, the star-studded affair is a present from the Seinenkai to the local community.

Unless you needed another excuse to stop by during the best time of the year, book your ferry tickets and accommodations today!


  • October 3, 2015 (Saturday)
  • Location: Zamami Port
  • Free Entrance
  • The venue opens at 18:00
  • Performances start at 18:30
  • Contact the Zamami Village Tourism Association for more information
    • Tel. 098-987-2277
    • Email: contact_zamami@vill.zamami.okinawa.jp



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