Earthquake Warning: 2015 Illapel Earthquake

The earthquake's point of origin off the coast of Chile

The earthquake’s point of origin off the coast of Chile

At approximately 7:54 AM JST on September 17, 2015, a magnitude 8.3 earthquake occurred off the coast of Chile.  Reports of extensive damage, injuries, and fatalities in Chile are ongoing.  A 4.5m (15ft) tsunami was recorded in Chile, and subsequent tsunami warnings and advisories have been issued across South America, California, and Hawaii.

There is a possibility that Japan, and Zamami, will be placed under a tsunami advisory.  The Japan Meteorological Agency will determine whether or not to issue a warning once waves reach Hawaii.  If warnings will be issued, they will be broadcast in the early morning on September 18.

Please heed any warnings, advisories, and cautions from officials.  Proactively prepare for potential evacuation before such warnings are even issued.  Everyone in Japan and around the pacific–please stay safe, well informed, and prepared.  Please refer to local sources and officials for the most up-to-date information.


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