Zamami Village Original Kariyushi

At last, the Zamami Village Original Kariyushi will go on sale starting tomorrow, August 1st!


The shirts feature an image by Okinawa-based illustrator and designer pokke104.  The pattern includes imagery representative of Zamami’s abundant nature such as whales, sea turtles, coral, hibiscuses, mountain berries, and Kerama deer.  The quick-drying water-resistant fabric is made in Japan.  This versatile material is perfect for Kariyushi shirts, geared toward hot summers and tropical environments.

It was bright out... and certainly hot-summer tropical.

It was bright out… and certainly hot-summer tropical.

When purchased at events outside of Zamami Village, men’s shirts will cost 8640 yen and women’s shirts will cost 7560 yen.  However, the shirts will be on sale in both the Zamami port and Aka port tourist information centers for 5500 yen.


There are only 300 shirts for sale, so get down here soon before they run out!


The Zamami Village Tourism Association will ship shirts anywhere.  Mail-ordered Kariyushi will be sold at the out-of-village prices, and the customer will bear the full cost of shipping via payment upon delivery.  For inquiries, email the Tourism Association at contact_zamami♪ (replace the ♪ mark with an @ mark.)


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