Zamami Festival Aug. 22

This year, the Zamami Festival will be held on August 22 Sept. 12.  The Zamami Festival is the primary summer party on Zamami Island.  The event features performances  and music on stage in the port.  Last year over 300 people attended the party.  The packed port was alive with energy, and every restaurant in town had their own stall to provide snacks and drinks.

Some crowd-favorite performances include traditional Okinawan dancing, the local Begin cover band called “Za Mamis,” the hula-dancing group, and more.  Visitors can even pick up a high-quality Zamami Fest. 2015 T-shirt as a memento of their trip.

The Zamami Festival will come to a close with a firework show.  The fireworks are launched from across the port, and their reflection shimmers in the calm waters below–an intimate and cozy local atmosphere not found at large-city firework shows.

Make sure to reserve your ferry tickets and accommodations today before they’re gone!

buyu crowd hula zamamis


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