Make Your Reservations for August, Now!

Attention Zamami fans and future visitors!

As the June heat begins to take hold around the Northern Hemisphere, you can now begin to make reservations for activities in August.  In Japan, it is quite common that reservations become open two months in advance.

August is one of the busiest months of Zamami’s summer peak season, and reservations for everything are pretty much required.

Now is a great time to check out the newly under construction Zamami Tourist Information website.  Zamami Tourist Information is the official English travel guide to Zamami Village, backed by both the Zamami Tourism Association and the Zamami Village Office.

Book your hotels by emailing or calling a few of the many English-capable accommodations listed on Zamami Tourist Information’s “hotel list” page.

Book your ferry tickets via online reservation, phone, or fax.  While ferry reservations are possible two months in advance, if you have a credit card issued outside of Japan, you can only reserve ferry tickets 23 days in advance through the online system.  Instead call or fax the Zamami Village Ticket Office in Tomari Port, Naha.  They have a few English-speaking staff.  Include your name, desired vessels and times, phone number, number of passengers, etc.

Zamami Village Ticket Office (Tomari Port)

  • 098-868-4567
  • Fax: 098-868-0630


See you in paradise soon!

Zamami Village


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