Spring has Arrived

Spring in Zamami has fully arrived. The warm spring weather has been creeping closer and closer for a few weeks, but in the last couple of days it has finally arrived. Since this past weekend, Zamami has stabilized in the low 20 degrees Celsius, the 70s for you Fahrenheit users out there.

Today the sun is shining, there’s a warm, soft breeze every so often from the South, and the water is reflecting its radiant shade of azure known as “Kerama blue.” There’s still plenty of whales in the ocean and its toasty enough to justify a swim with the sea turtles. Right now might be the perfect time to come to Zamami. What are you waiting for?

Typical spring weather at one of many secret beaches.

Typical spring weather at one of many secret beaches great for finding shell fish.

Shorts weather is in full effect!



  1. I found this article while googling to see if people were saying spring has finally arrived here in New York City! We will be having above zero c temperatures both day and night next week!

    After the coldest February in 90 years we are so looking forward to it!


    1. As a New England native, I feel for you!
      Well at least you know where to take your next tropical vacation!
      Check out future articles if you have time!


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