Kaiwo Maru in Zamami

The huge, four-masted, training vessel known across Japan as the Kaiwo Maru spent yesterday in Zamami’s waters.  For you readers who have been to Yokohama’s Minato-Mirai area, the Kaiwo Maru’s sister ship is the huge boat permanently docked in Yokohama Harbor known as the Nippon Maru.  Under the administration and use of the National Institute for Sea Training, the large ship made it’s way from Tokyo eventually to Zamami.  Between Zamami and Aka islands, the student crew aboard the ship spent the day alternating through various practices sessions and drills.  The four huge masts, multiple sheets, and white hull of the ship juxtaposed against Zamami’s trademark Kerama Blue provided nautical passersby with a stunning view.  The Zamami Times crew hopped aboard the first boat heading to Aka Island to snap a few shots shown below.

Beautiful ornamentation.

Beautiful ornamentation.




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  1. […] all the way from Yokohama this weekend.  Not to be confused with the museum sister ship of the Kaiwo Maru (which also visited Zamami), the Nippon Maru cruise ship is a member of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines–a […]


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