Three Days No Ferry

Zamami Island has been cut off from the rest of the world!  Okay, that’s a slight over exaggeration, but after three consecutive days without ferries, this outer-island village cannot help but feel a little bit remote.  Zamami’s high-speed ferry does not run if the waves are taller than 3 meters, and the larger Ferry Zamami does not run when waves are over 4 meters.  The recent low-pressure system from the North has been wreaking meteorological havoc throughout the entire country.  While most of the nation is dealing with record snowfalls and low temperatures, Zamami has escaped the blizzard barrage.  Well, there was never a question of snowfall here, but it’s been cold for a tropical island!

Read: high waves.

Read: high waves.

More so than the low temperatures, the primary concern for a small outer island like Zamami is high waves.  When the Ferry Zamami stops, so does the incoming source of food.  And water.  Ferry stoppage (read: limited resources) is not restricted to typhoon season during the summer.  With winter comes winds from the North and immobilizing waves.  However, after a long 4-5 days of cold, grey, dark, windy weather, the warm and wonderful sun made its debut again; a good sign that ferries will be moving soon.

I’d rather have…

Outside the Zamami Times office.

Outside the Zamami Times office today.


Somewhere I don't want to be.

Somewhere I don’t want to be.


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