Zamami in Kobe

A great example of Umimaru's photography.

A great example of Umimaru’s photography.

Stuck in the Kansai region and can’t make it all the way out to Zamami?  Well there’s good news: Zamami is coming to Kobe!  To be exact, the two Zamami-resident underwater photographers that make up the well-known Umimaru will be giving a lecture and presentation at the Kobe Suma Aqualife Park.  The presentation on Sunday, December 14, will be free-of-charge for visitors already at the aquarium.  Reception will begin at 13:30, and the event will be from 14:00-16:00.

Umimaru’s photographs include images of humpback whales (currently in the waters around Zamami), sea turtles, coral, and the plethora of aquatic life that said coral supports.  The theme of the presentation is encapsulated by the sentence, “I too am a member of the ocean, humans are a part of nature.” (自分も海の一員 人間も自然の一部)  The Umimaru photographers skillfully portray the beauty and grandeur of the underwater world around Zamami’s quiet outer islands.


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