Japan’s Largest Cruise Ship in Zamami

The Asuka II moored in Kobe.

The Asuka II moored in Kobe.

The largest cruise ship in Japan, the Asuka II, will make a port of call in Zamami Village on December 6, 2014.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries completed construction on the Asuka II at their Nagasaki shipyard in 1990.  Formerly operated by Crystal Cruises in the Carribean, the vessel made its return to Japan in 2006 and has since been under the administration of Crystal Cruise parent company, Yusen Shipping.

The Asuka II will drop anchor in the waters between Zamami and Tokashiki villages on its way back to Yokohama from Taiwan.  Yusen advertised the journey as the two-week Ryukyu Island-Taiwan Cruise departing today, November 27, and returning to Yokohama on December 10.  The Asuka II and its passengers will spend the day in Zamami from 8:00-17:00.  Zamami Village’s various diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and standup paddleboard shops will ferry crew members and passengers back and forth from the ship for the day’s activities.

Yusen selected Zamami as one of its destinations due to the island village’s international popularity as a water-sport destination as well as its recent designation as a Japanese national park.

The Asuka II in Naha Port.

The Asuka II in Naha Port.  Next stop Zamami!


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