Zamami Fan Appreciation Month 2014

It’s finally here.  The event you’ve all been waiting for.  The Zamami Fan Appreciation Month!

The Zamami Fan Appreciation Month 2014 promotional poster.

The Zamami Fan Appreciation Month 2014 promotional poster.

For the entire month of November, Zamami’s many diving shops, rental services, restaurants, and stores will hold a party every Saturday.  The event will take place in the Zamami Port and feature performances such as Ryukyu traditional dancing, eisa, sumo, and Hawaiian hula dancing to name a few.  Zamami’s local celebrity band, aptly named Za Mamies, will bring each night to a close.  Naturally, any and all groups performing for you loyal Zamami fans are comprised entirely of Zamami locals, so be ready for quality entertainment and a few good laughs.  Zamami’s restaurants, bars, and izakaya will be selling beverages and food at the port during the event.

Fan appreciation month’s Saturday night events provide not only opportunities to watch, but many opportunities to take part in the festivities yourself.  There will be free hula dancing and eisa lessons.  Also, there will be a treasure hunt on land and at sea.  There will be small colored plastic tags dispersed throughout the island and the surrounding waters.  Find one of these tags and bring it to the Tourist Information Center in the port.  Each ticket will give you a chance to spin the wheel and try to win a prize.  Prizes include gift certificates valid at Zamami’s various establishments as well as complimentary high-speed ferry tickets.

For an even bigger prize, test your photography skills and enter the photo contest.  For information, visit this event page on the Zamami Diving Association’s homepage.  The Diving Association will accept either underwater photos or photos from around Zamami’s islands.


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