Sports Day 2014

A tug of war on Zamami island.

A tug of war on Zamami island.

Join the Zamami community in its annual sports day taking place on Aka Island this Saturday, Oct. 25.  The sports day or field day event is held throughout Japan typically on the same day of the year in commemoration of the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics.  Zamami’s theme for the event this year is to bring the three islands together as one through sports.

Starting with an opening ceremony at 9:00, the schedule includes various events from traditional track and field to tug of war.  For you tourists out there, the pièce de résistance might be the eisa traditional Okinawan dance performed by the Geruma elementary-middle school at 13:00.  The real stars of the show are the school children, but there will be more than a few events in which townspeople will participate.  The event will end with a closing ceremony at 14:35.

Zamami Village is aptly holding the event at the elementary-middle school on Aka Island.  For those of you already on Zamami Island, Aka Island can be reached by taking the Mitsushima inter-island ferry from Zamami Port to Aka Port for ¥300.  Go to Zamami Port for times.  Those coming from Naha on either the Queen Zamami or the Ferry Zamami can disembark directly at Aka Port.

Watch out for a followup/review of the event next in The Zamami Times.


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