Zamami SUP Fest

This weekend! 10/18. The SUP Fest in Zamami!  Reception and SUP events held at Ama Beach from 10:30 AM.

Event poster for the SUP Fest in Zamami 2014.

Event poster for the SUP Fest in Zamami 2014.

Zamami Island has in recent years become a hot spot for standup paddleboarding (SUP.)  SUP originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing, and has made its way across the rest of the Pacific to Zamami.  Zamami is a perfect location for the sport due to its beautiful scenery, many islands, and clear and calm waters.

Zamami SUP in action.

Zamami SUP in action.

So, as a tropical autumn starts to take hold in Zamami, visitors and locals alike can still have fun and make the most of the national-park status ocean.  Although Zamami is often known as a diving mecca, the SUP Fest in Zamami gives everyone a chance to have fun on the water instead of in the water.

The festivals events are as follows:

  1. Try SUP!  (free)
    • Try out SUP for yourself, for free.
    • 11:00-15:00 (check in 10:30-14:30)
  2. Team Relay (paid)
    • SUP is fun as an individual sport but as a team sport it’s even better.
    • 16:30 (registration 10:30-16:30)
    • 1 team of 3 people is ¥1500
  3. SUP-Snorkeling Tour (paid)
    • Make your way to Zamami’s best snorkeling spots by standup paddleboard.
    • Tour #1 (12:30-14:00)
    • Tour #2 (14:00 15:30)
    • ¥3000 per person
  4. Fest After Party
    • Pig roast at IRIE (in Zamami.)
    • ¥2000 per person
    • 19:30 start

Zamami’s three SUP shops are running the event.  For any questions, please call the shops listed below or the Zamami Tourist Information Center (Tel. 098-987-2277).


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